Pet Nutrition

The Nutritional Health & Safety of Your Pet 

At Pet Source, our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing easy access to the best pet products and the most up-to-date safety and health information available for your pet.  Pet Source prides it self on it’s knowledge of food and it’s ingredients and can help you find a quality food that fits your budget.

Premium Foods

Naturally preserved national brands that provide more nutrition and LESS-CLEANUP than foods generally sold in supermarkets.

Super Premium

All the benefits of premium but also utilizing fresh meat, higher quality fat, singe-sourced ingredients for greater consistency, glucosamine & chondroitin to maintain healthy joints and a proper balance of omega fatty acids to improve skin, coat, heart & immune system health.


Natural formulations that incorporate many of the latest advances in nutrition including probiotics and Fruit and vegetables for enhanced health and longevity.  Holistic foods includes grain free, Raw and dehydrated formulas that can help relieve allergies, hot spots, ear infections, and dietary sensitivities.


Holistic formulations comprised of 70% or more organic ingredients.